The Bainbridge Hand Clinic was started in 1994 when Chris Bainbridge was appointed a consultant at the Pulvertaft Hand Surgery Centre in Derby based at the Royal Derby Hospital.

We provide a tertiary service for complex hand surgery problems from the whole of the UK and overseas. Patients are seen at the clinic which is based in the outskirts of Derby and surgery is undertaken either in the Pulvertaft Hand Surgery Centre or at the Derby Nuffield Hospital.
Mr Bainbridge has a wide training in all aspects of hand surgery but specialises in nerve problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and nerve injuries. He has a significant interest in Dupuytrens disease and has been instrumental in popularising Needle Aponeurotomy in the UK.
He also has a childrens hand surgery practice and is interested in complex hand injury reconstruction.

We also provide a specialist hand surgery medicolegal reporting service, We have experience over the last 16 years reporting on hand injuries, brachial plexus injuries, work related upper limb problems and HAVS.
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